Saturday, November 7, 2009

YahooAnswers - The post that did not get deleted

This is the second post in the series on Yahoo Answers deleting my account yesterday (Fri Nov. 6, 2009) as an atheist answering religious questions on their site.

In the post that I was on:
Why do we have to be God's servants?

If I created a conscious, self aware robot I wouldn't force him to worship me. What kind of egotistical maniac is God anyway?

They removed my comments (see my other posts)
But this one (see image below) was acceptable, and had remained for 21 hours so far.

I keep my site rated PG-13 as much as possible.
I will not retype this text for search engines to find.
But I did post the image for you to see it for yourself.

Atheists - bad.
Talking about the 2 Jesus's in bible - bad.
This comment - ok.

At this point, Yahoo had been pretty active.
Since the night before, they inactivated my account
and deleted at least 2 other questions by other people.

But Yahoo organization left his post.
Even if they delete it later (still there for 21 hours so far),
Yahoo seems to be leaving this kind of post much longer.

this post is still there @28 hours, first word was changed to ******.
Account was not deleted, comment remains.

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