Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Decon: Series for ordinary folks

I just wanted to post that my deconversion (decon) series is written for ordinary folks on the street or in the churches. It is not written as material for expert arguments or debates. If a person is a well versed scholar or theologist, they are best directed to debates experts.

Decon series is written as conversational dialog and questions exchanged between some ordinary folks. It is also written as a hit and run type of approach designed to help deconvert as many people as possible in the shortest time possible. For folks looking for deep insight, it would be a good idea to direct them to sites with deeper intellectual and theological content to satisfy their deeper deconversion needs.

The key to decon as I often state is all about getting agreement and messing with their minds. Finding cracks, creating cracks, and making cracks bigger in the belief systems of those we work with. The actual content being used is really not relevant, except I ask folks to approach this with care and respectful.



  1. Thanks Jack Russell! I'm glad to see that you posted this. Actually, I'm a member of "ThinkAtheist" that found your blog through a link you put on the discussion board. It is good that someone is trying to reason with the faithful. I wish you good luck in doing so, however, I myself have found that [especially with the most die hard believers] it is extremely difficult to reason with them, because often times they listen selectively or not at all.]

  2. Skycomet,
    You comment rings so true. That is why I hope everyone who comes to my site learns a couple of things.
    #1. people did not get into their faith by logic and reason. They are not going to get out by that either.
    #2. The person who talks has the least power. The person who asks the questions has the most power. Ask them tons of questions.
    #3. Deconversion is a process. One exchange will not win a person over. Exchanges are for creating confusion and playing with believers mind.
    #4. The bible is your best ally and does all the hard work for you.
    #5. Don't take this stuff so seriously. The more you play, the more effective you will be.

    woof woof. Is that a ball? ...
    gotta go.



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