Friday, October 16, 2009

Jokes - they are a little spicy

Are you a good story teller. These jokes can come across offensive or funny. I would hope they are taken in the funny light they were meant. Some of these have been around a while, but still worth sharing. Especially, when you need some material to help you get someone laughing.

Why can't Jesus eat M&M's?
They keep falling through his hands.
What's the difference between Jesus Christ and an oil painting?
You only need one nail to hold up a picture.
A drunken man staggers in to a Catholic church and sits down in a confession box and says nothing. The bewildered priest coughs to attract his attention, but still the man says nothing. The priest then knocks on the wall three times in a final attempt to get the man to speak. Finally, the drunk replies: "No use knockin' mate, there's no paper in this one either."

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