Friday, October 16, 2009

"In god we trust". The null god that is...

Wow, this just hit me...

One thing that atheists and other non-christian groups face in the US is the statements like "In god we trust", "one nation under god".

From an atheist position, we say that does not represent our view. We don't believe in god. There is this constant battle of us vs. them. One of the premises you will find through out my posts are the idea of the power of standing on their side of the equation.

If you are a nullist, then you can say that the United States it totally committed to the idea of the null god. We win. Now the battle begins, because, the debate is no longer about whether that statement should be removed. But instead focuses on the definition of god.

The Christians have always had the default premise that anytime someone said god, it was the default position that it was their god, or at least some Abrahamic god.

Now athiests can actually CLAIM the statement "One nation under god" - the null god. Now the entire formula has changed.

It gets interesting also because we can talk about all the great and wonderful things that the null god offers. NOTHING.

Imagine all the great fun you can have arguing about which god is more powerful. the null god, or the infinite god. Sort of reminds me of the saying of "what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object".

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