Thursday, October 15, 2009

Russell some feathers

I have started to get more involved in the recovering religious side of the atheism world. What I am focusing on is the top strategies used by people to put the most cracks in a believers faith.
My favorite technique to date is to stand on their side of the equation and be wrong. Then as they correct me or laught with me - they move to zero.

to put it mathmatically: them - me = 0

One of the truths to mentalism magic is that: if I say it - it is wrong, but if they say it is true. This is also demonstrated in socratic arguments.

Traditional way to argue
They say Noahs Flood Happened
Atheist/Naturalist says flood did not happen
Atheist presents tons of arguments
they listen, and nothing happens

Now lets "Russell some feathers"
They say Noah's flood happened
I say I agree
I start telling some of the funny stuff that would be happening on the ark AND
then I get them to start telling me some of the funny stuff they would imagine happening.

I present things like the dinosaurs were probably in the front of the boat
and I get them laughing at all gas smells that had to go into and out of the one tiny window
and then we talk about the fish tanks on board that protected the fresh water fish from saltwater

It is all about getting them to laugh at all the funny things that would be happening in the ark.
Laughing about drawing straws for who had to trudge the marsupials back to Australia. It is actually a lot of fun taking this approach.

As they laugh, the barriers come down -THEN!!!! they start thinking about funny things too.
They now join in listing some of the crazy things that would be happening too.

Now in less than 3 minutes I have a christian laughing at the Noah story.

In another minute or so, I add in some critical questions (I don't present the facts, they do):
like how much water would have to fall per hour to have water get to the top of mt Arrarat.
I let them guess how big the mountain is, they guess how long the rain occurred,
they do the math of how much rain per hour that is.

These are all answered while the person is still laughing and coming up with funny stuff.

What I like most about this approach if done right is you have started to make a friend. AND they will want to come back and talk with you about other funny stuff. THEY WANT YOU TO FIND MORE FUNNY IN THE BIBLE. WOW.

Hope everyone can make some friends with a religious person and help them find the funny in the bible.

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