Friday, October 23, 2009

Nullism prayer

If you are a nullist, then you state that you believe in the null god. That is a very strong position of atheism. Regular atheism is defined as gods=0, where monotheism is defined as god=1. Nullism is defined as gods=null, or an undefined value, which has a very specific meaning in mathmatics and computer science.

Can an nullist actually make a prayer? I think to make this clearer let's look at the nature of NULL and how it interacts with the world.

1+1 = 2, pretty simple to understand.
1+0 = 1, pretty simple also
1 + null = null, not quite so simple.

why does it equal null. Think about it restated in plain English. 1 + an unknown is exactly how much? unknown. So if you take anything known and and an unknown you get an unknown result.

So if a christian and a nullist were going to pray together the resulting prayer would be nullist. Lets continue this one more, then we will put it together. If a soft sound was made and a loud sound was made, the loud sound would be heard clearly. If a loud static type sound was made and a clear sound was made, the resulting sound would be static.

Lets go back to the idea of prayer.
1. a theist calls for a prayer/time of silence, the nullist makes a lot of noise.
Result=nullist prayer succeeds
2. a theist trys to make an invocation prayer before a meeting, a bunch of nullists say a bunch of loud jibberish words, exactly as the other person is talking (on top of their words).
Result: nobody could understand the theist, the nullist had only noise in their message. People only hear noise, nullist succeeds.

So to the question of what does the nullist say in the prayer. Not critically important. What is important is the timing and loudness of the information that takes whatever was being said, and produces an effect of noise, or a null prayer.

That is a successful nullist prayer.


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