Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I have some free tickets

I have 2 free tickets that anyone can have. There are 2 destinations depending on your preference. You have to arrange for your own travel. The tickets have a lifetime satisfaction guarantee with no expiration date.

I don't want to say exactly where they are yet. I want to tempt you with some delicious photos and descriptions. The names of the places are not real interesting, but once you read about it the names won't matter.

Destination #1.
Lets start with some photos.

The location is beautiful. The clouds, the fresh air. Surrounded by beautiful white landscape.

The whole place is just breathtaking. I mean you just get this feeling inside of its immenseness.

As I said before, the location is just awesome. You can tell by the way I am talking there is a "but" coming up here. Yep, you are right. It's not a deal killer, but the neighbors are interesting.

This place has some really talented neighbors. They spend a lot of time singing and really have a strong religious faith. I think if you come from a religious background, this place will really feel welcoming.

I have an idea of why their is some much singing and some much religious gathering.

The sights are beautiful and the singing will bring tears to your eyes. It is some of the most wonderful sights and sounds, even the smells are wonderful.

Sorry, I can't tell you the name of this place, but you might have guessed it.


Obviously, this place is a lot different. If you don't like the cold, but love swimming, sailing, sightseeing this might be a better place for you. You definitely don't have to dress like the first place.

And really I think you will find that variety of colors, smells, sounds are so amazing.

Just think about going out at night for a dip in one of the most beautiful lakes ever written about.

You have so many things to see and do. The daytime, the night life. The places you can go and visit.

The natural beauty with water, fire, earth and air are amazing.

They put on such parties and shows here. Some of the best entertainers in the world come here. But even the locals put on awesome shows.

People here have some great weddings and will spend the rest of their lives together.

There is much more I can say but I bet you have figured this on out too.

Well before I tell you the both locations, let me see if your thoughts are in the right direction.

Destination #1
* White and snow everywhere (no green or other colors hardly noticeable)
* Singing and carols and other songs
* Pine or christmas trees
* freezing cold
* The soldiers were there (also dressed in white)

* you might be thinking north pole
* maybe staying at a military base or barracks
* maybe staying at an ice station

Destination #2
* beautiful day and night time
* awesome displays of nature with water, fire, earth and air
* world famous lake
* fire dancers, singers, celebrity's
* bright colors
* when you go out of the light into night sky some spectacular views

* I bet you are thinking Hawaii aren't you?
* maybe if not there, one of the other islands that has volcano's and stuff

Well let me get the tickets out so I can tell you the exact names of these places.
I told you the names are not what you would expect, but you might be close

I can't really read these names on this tickets. They are kind of smudged.
I can read the book that came with these, it tells how to get there.
I am not really sure, I see several names listed.
Let me look in the book that I got.

Alright folks after all this, I feel embarrassed.
It took me an hour to write this posting and when I went to read the tickets
and write down the names I can't even get that clearly.

Maybe if someone reading this might have the same travel book I do they might be able to write me back and tell me the proper spelling of these places so I can update this post.

The book I have is not a Fodors travel guide.

It is put out by a company in Britain (I think)
called king james

the book that I am using
is called

I just love messing with peoples minds.

Let me restate the concepts of deconversion again for new readers.

1. People did not get their religion by argument, you are not going to deconvert them by arguing with them either.
2. One of the most powerful words in the English language is the word AND.
3. You listen to what they have to say
4. You agree with them by saying "AND"
5. Then you mess with their mind. (see my other posts for more ideas)

Have a great day ...


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