Saturday, October 24, 2009

god2god: A challenge god vs. god - The idea

I thought it would be an interesting experiment to test the Null God against all the major gods. More on the Null God here.

Here is the way it works. Simple experiment set up. The results are measured a short time later (5-10 minutes). the results are recorded and posted on youtube.

A simple test:

Lets look at an example. Someone claims their god knocked down the walls of Jericho in the bible. We can make a simple test. Lets build a simple wall. We can even use children's Lego Blocks.

One wall for null god. One wall for other god. A stop watch is started, a video camera records the event. 5 minutes later. If the Lego wall is still standing, null god wins. If the other Lego wall was destroyed in fire and brimstone, then the other god wins. If other wall is still standing, shows null god was even more powerful and could prevent other god from doing anything to the wall.

What is the basic premise?
Null God. Is null, has no action. Nature works as nature. Physics, chemistry, etc all work as statistically normal. That means depending on the test, nothing could happen, something could happen that is in the normal range of expected results, or a really long shot could occur maybe even several times in a row.

Other god.
1) the specific god must be named, not just god of bible etc.
2) the specific aspects of that god must be named, what is that gods previous documented behaviour.
3) if claims are made that a name is only an aspect of the same god, then clarification of that aspect is at work must be made.
4a) Results must exceed statistical norms very significantly and must be claimed before the test is run.
4b) Test must be run with expectation of cheating, accident, or external natural intervention expected. So test must clearly show no external influence occurred. IE fan off camera blowing, or infrared heat lamp, or whatever is causing the action.
4c) Action of a god must be extraordinary in size or scope. Causing a little thing to tip over is not extraordinary. Having a Chevy car drop on it in someones living room through the roof with no-one/nothing around on a clear day, now we are talking. How about change a handful Plastic lego's into a metric ton of salt.
5) If a result happens, and a claim to an existing god is made, then 3 other gods must be substituted as the actor, and the result has to be shown coming from the specific god, not the 3 previously claimed.
6) the specific god wins the contest, when the final round of testing is conducted by the James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF) and the god shown clearly wins the $1 million prize, showing the first well documented and scrutinized supernatural event.

Anyway, this is the idea. I have to work out the details, but I would love to see some of these challenges happen by my readers on Youtube.

I think a good way to keep this from getting out of hand. I would suggest we use Lego's or another brand of plastic building block. We can make walls, armies, floods and it is easy and scalable to easily record on video. After all, we are talking about real gods who can build universes and destroy real military armies and we are only asking them to act on little tiny plastic pieces, that should be easy.

Anyone out there ready to play. I hope everyone can come at this with an open mind. Claims about god have been around for a long time, it would be good to try to settle this matter - either way.


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